Research Summary
Dr. John Schneider MD, MPH, Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, is a network epidemiologist and infectious disease specialist in the Departments of Medicine and Public Health Sciences at the University of Chicago. He is also Director of the University of Chicago Center for HIV Elimination ( His NIH and CDC funded research focuses on social network interventions that can lead to disease elimination in most vulnerable populations in resource restricted settings. In these settings he also implements network interventions and computational modeling to eliminate new transmission events in the case of HIV. Clinically, he specializes in HIV prevention and has a specific interest in the provision of high-quality care to young Black men who have sex with men and transgender women. He has extensive experience with advancing the physician patient relationship in resource restricted settings, including his current clinic at a Federally Qualified Health Center on the South Side of Chicago – Howard Brown Health 55th - and during his previous time working in Southern India.
HIV Infection, Social Network, Epidemiology, Sex Behavior, Modeling, Decision, Mathematical Model, Sexually Transmitted Disease, Syphilis, substance use, program implementation
  • University of California , Berkeley, BA Interdisciplinary Studies (Public Health, Anthropology and Demography) 12/1996
  • Tufts University, Boston, MD, MPH Medical School 06/2001
  • University of Chicago, Chicago, Internal Medicine 06/2004
  • University of Illinois/University of Chicago, Chicago, Infectious Diseases 06/2006
  • Tufts/Brown CFAR, Boston/Providence, HIV Prevention 06/2008
Biosciences Graduate Program Association
Awards & Honors
  • 2006 - Lancet International Fellowship The Lancet
  • 2014 - Leif B. Sorenson Faculty Research Award University of Chicago
  • 2015 - Diversity Award University of Chicago
  • 2016 - Distinguished Leader in Diversity and Inclusion Award University of Chicago
  • 2016 - Senior Faculty Scholar Bucksbaum Institute
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