Photo Lizeth Tamayo
Lizeth Tamayo
Epidemiology Graduate Student
At UChicago, I have mentors who are experts and leaders in their fields, who also care about my career development. I’m also thankful for the tight-knit nature among the students in our department, which has helped me grow tremendously as I am constantly interacting with students with different areas of expertise. Overall, I think the support and preparation I’m receiving at UChicago to become an independent researcher is incredible and confirms that my graduate school decision was the right one for me.
Kevin Gleason
Biostatistics Graduate Student
Kevin Gleason is a third-year student in Public Health Sciences and was awarded an honorable mention for the BSD teaching prize for his work in PBHS 32700, Biostatisical Methods, in Winter 2017. He was cited for his energy, engagement, clarity, helpfulness, availability, timeliness with grading, depth of knowledge of the material, and helpful feedback.